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Excerpt from: Unclutter Your Life
by Katherine Gibson

“As Shai and I worked through my closet, I carted away years of internal clutter embedded in the discards. It was not only a physical purge but a way for me to gain enormous psychological peace. I felt uplifted, clearer, and calmer. We lose more than our clutter when we purge the closet. Gone are the confusion and inner battles that infuse the start of the day. Gone is the guilt over buying expensive, unworn mistakes. And gone are the negative body image messages woven into clothes that no longer fit.”

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Focus On Women Magazine (2001)
By Marianne Scott

“Today’s goal,” Shai continued, “is to put winter stuff away, get out the spring and summer clothes, and dump unneeded, unworthy, and out of style garments. People hang on to things even when they haven’t worn them for years.”

Much more slowly, she put things back into the closet, in color coded blocks. Black with black, tan with tan, grey with grey. When she finished, the clothes swung no longer crammed together. Then she demonstrated how the remaining pieces made up a series of interchangeable outfits, outfits that had not occurred to Kate.

“This type of uncluttering, of being able to see what you have is healthy,” she continued. “It’s stressful when you know things should be better organized; when you can’t find anything to wear and just grab the first thing. Every season we should rejuvenate our closet, molt, like a snake sheds its skin. It reduces high blood pressure”

“I’ve learned that a good closet cleanse is better than a colonic any day,” Shai concludes. “A closet can be a toxic wasteland. When I enter your closet, I respectfully enter the inner space of your present and past and help you to choose a healthy image by selecting which clothes are suitable for your lifestyle and truthful to the image you wish to present.”

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