Shai Thompson Image Consulting - Vancouver Island, BC West Coast, Victoria, Vancouver, Duncan, Nanaimo - Image Style and Fashion Consultant, Closet Make-Overs, Personal Shopper
Shai Thompson Image Consulting - Vancouver Island and the BC West Coast - Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Vancouver
  Shai Thompson - Image Consultant

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Shai Thompson Image Consulting

It Is Our Vision,

To become a leader in providing services to businesses and individuals development of personal style. Educating retailers how to motivate staff to build relationships with unwavering commitment and organization. At Shai Thompson Image Consulting, we believe style is a reflective extension and an expression of authentic self. We will deliver a tailor made approach while guiding you towards increased confidence and self esteem.

Look out! Self esteem rising!

It Is Our Credo,

To be responsible in meeting the individual needs of our clients. We recognize the absolute opportunity in being present, mindful and clear of distraction. We strive to be appreciated as a company of integrity and dedication that values the reward of being in service to others. Placing great importance on community support with charities that improve the health and welfare of others.

Pay it forward!

About Shai Thompson

As founder of Shai Thompson Image Consulting, Shai combines over 20 years experience in fashion, marketing, sales and public relations. Shai is a style coach, encouraging men and women to “transition their inner beauty to there outer body”, a sometimes overwhelming task. This chosen profession is a perfect match to Shai’s impressive creative background in the music industry.

“With her finger tips lightly tapping her hips and her shoulders swaying almost imperceptibly in her black velvet suit, the singer marks the song’s dreamy beat. Her lush voice draws out a phrase until it seems ready to snap, finally releasing the last syllable and sending it drifting like a smoke ring into the darkness beyond the footlights. The lyric, the singer’s black velvet suit and the guitarist’s slicked-back hair all conjure up the atmosphere of a Depression-era speakeasy,”

"Monday Magazine" by Ron Forbes-Roberts (1999)
Shai Thompson - Image consultant That is Shai, creating a style presentation relative to the music she performs, thus giving the author visuals to interpret an authentic resemblance of the moment to the reader.

Shai has worked with celebrities in both the music industry and in the fashion world (who’s who list is a private one) where she offers artistic and skilled motivation to those she is in service to. Shai has appeared on the A Channel in Victoria B.C. "Monday Make-Over" program to work her image consulting magic in the closet. Relocating to Vancouver in 2000 to 2007 Shai connected with professional photographer Trevan Wong who continues to work with Shai’s clients on the West Coast. Together they encourage their clients to a personalized photo shoot where the client has a positive relection of self for today and many years to come.

Author Katherine Gibson wrote, “Unclutter Your Life”, and based her chapter two “Clearing Closet Clutter” on Shai’s skills in the closet, Katherine’s closet. It was then Katherine could not only see the transformation but she was able to feel the shift of change in the letting go.

“Hopefully, Shai would make sense of it all. Her mission: remove the clutter and make a working wardrobe from what’s left. Secretly, I doubted it was possible. Could anyone make sense of thirty-four shirts, a rack of black pants, sweaters dating back to the Nixon era (I’m telling no lies, here), multiple pairs of shoes, jackets and coats and special occasion dresses that had seen their day? If so, she was a miracle worker.

It turns out she was.”

"Unclutter Your Life" Author Katherine Gibson
Today Shai offer’s a wide range of professional image consulting services from individual coaching to group seminars. Please contact Shai Thompson Image Consulting to access what your needs are.

Don’t delay any further, book today and start living in style.

Shai Thompson Consulting is a member of AICI

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