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Shop in Your Own Closet: "How to Look Good in Bad Economic Times?"

Style Guide Work Book: "Transition Your Inner Beauty to Your Outer Body"


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Image Consulting Services, Victoria, BC

“One of the strongest forces in the human personality is the drive to preserve the integrity of our own indentiy.”
- By Anthony Robbins, “Awaken the Giant Within”

Shai Thompson Image Consultants role is to prepare you for your personal transformation. Together we will evaluate where you are at today in your current style and what your absolute needs are. We have formulated a questionnaire that offers in-depth insight to your life style, body style, budget, time line, dressing and shopping habits, and your style type. All of our image consulting services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Designed to make a strong first impression or lasting impact on your life, you will soon realize how quickly your investment in self will pay off.

We are wardrobe warriors able to manage, sort out, and guide you on thru to “Transitioning Your Inner Beauty to Your Outer Body,” with our style guide workbook. Working with a professional stylist will change your life!

We will help you to discover your OPPORTUNITY!



Introductory Assessment

We schedule a one on one in home session to review your closet. Complete our in-depth questionnaire, and make an action plan putting you on the road to achieving your goal. We prefer to use our “Transitioning Your Inner Beauty to Your Outer Body” style guide as it will help us understand your absolute individual needs.

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Closet Sessions

Is your closet busting with clothes but you still have nothing to wear?

Complete wardrobe audit & closet therapy has been my craft for many rewarding years. Keeping a tidy, organized closet space builds a strong foundation for confidence to flourish. We encourage you to grasp on to the support and encouragement while we organize your environment. It is essential for assured success in achieving your goal. It is our goal for you to succeed.

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Develop a Winning Wardrobe

It is a know fact that within the first seconds of meeting another, we already start to formulate an assessment based on the others appearance. Are you projecting your authentic self?

“When we create our outward projection of self, we must look inward and identify clearly who we are.” Shai Thompson

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Personal Shopping

The iconic fashion designer Valentino said "I always say I am here to make women look beautiful and not like fools or crazy fashion victims." in Time

I feel the same as Valentino and like him we take great pride in facilitating men, women, CEO’s, students and teenagers to “Transition Your Inner Beauty to Your Outer Body.” At Shai Thompson Image Consulting we provide personal shopping to those who wish to experience individual style support that is carefully and clearly planned out from existing items in their wardrobe

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Shop in your own closet - How to look good in bad economic times?

This is an eye opening experience when you are shown how many different outfits are possible to create from your existing wardrobe. Many of us have hidden treasures buried in our closets that are crying out for use. Many of these items are not worn because of the lack of the perfect something to go with it. Let’s work together to build solutions and see what wonderful potential lies waiting in your closet.

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Style Guide Work Book

Welcome to the ultimate step by step style workbook. This guide has been formatted for success and to take the frustration of where do I begin out of the equation. This is a comprehensive tool outlining your journey by visualizing you to your highest potential of personal style. Organized and armed with commitment you will work to meet your vision and expression of your “Beauty Spirit.”

Style Guide Work Book details

Shai Thompson Consulting is a member of AICI

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